Anna Main Road, East Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600127.
  र21 Lakhs - Land & Estate
646 - 4800 Sq Ft

The BBCL Auracity is committed to building greener homes which advantage the occupants, as well as the earth. A portion of the key variables engaged with building a green home are utilization of eco-accommodating building materials which help save nature. Structures are more vitality effective, as they have an envelope around them, which help spare vitality. Sewage water is reused for cultivating, influencing our properties to water productive.

We likewise center around more than sufficient greenery, arranging and ensure our homes get enough sunshine which general spares power. We have been reliably seeking after new patterns by drawing in a few modelers of notoriety – both household and universal – to produce greener ideas, and exceed expectations in proficient space administration. It is a result of our concentration that our properties are pre-cretified by the IGBC. Our arranging and highlights is granted a gold rating by the IGBC.

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